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Despite The Dip, The Bitcoin Market Is Bullish As Ever

Bitcoin Magazine 15 Jun 2021
There have also been talks of setting up mining operations in the country and allowing investors with 3 BTC or more to take up El Salvadoran residency, prompting other Central American countries to signal interest in following their lead ... solutions to mining and investment.

Stock-to-Flow Useful for Predicting Crypto Value

Coinspeaker 14 Jun 2021
Despite the apparent volatility of Bitcoin’s value, growing consumer acceptance and investor confidence in cryptocurrency are expected to eventually lead to more stability in its value ... Using the stock-to-flow model, an investor would take the number of bitcoin currently in circulation and divide it by the number of bitcoin mined each year.

Bitcoin bounces after Elon Musk weighs in on the clean energy debate

Moneyweek 14 Jun 2021
Bitcoin mining is the process by which new bitcoins are created and the blockchain is maintained, with new transactions added and verified ... This is because China has already shut down many bitcoin mining operations in provinces that were powered by coal, which should theoretically contribute to cleaner mining processes.What this means for investors.

Why the drive for cleaner energy is causing some mineral prices to rise

The National 14 Jun 2021
Why international oil companies are facing greater scrutiny by investors ... Capital spending on all mining peaked in 2012 at more than $200 billion annually ... A wild ride of surging demand, new mines, price increases and crashes is almost guaranteed and could eventually deter both mining investors and low-carbon energy adopters.

China’s Yunnan Province also prepares to move overseas to crack down on Bitcoin mining

OBN 14 Jun 2021
Yunnan also to crack down on mining ... In these four regions, about 50% of Bitcoin mined by China was mined ... Investor Relations (IR) director Sue Ennis of Canadian mining company Hut 8 Mining told The Wall Street Journal, “People outside of China have a chance to gain greater market share in this situation.

Cobalt ‘bubble’ will burst, Ivanhoe executive in Congo says

Mining Dot Com 14 Jun 2021
“I’m not a fan of cobalt,” said Watum, who is also an executive at Ivanhoe Mines Ltd ... Watum suggested investors focus instead on Congo’s copper, ... Unlike many other copper mines in Congo, it won’t produce cobalt.

Nearly 90% of cryptocurrency investors surveyed say they weren't scared away by May's brutal selloff ...

Business Insider 14 Jun 2021
87% of respondents in the company's second-quarter retail investor sentiment survey said they plan to increase their crypto holdings over the next quarter ... The survey also showed an average of 7 out of 10 investors holding bullish sentiment for bitcoin price over the next three months.

Best Penny Stocks to Buy Ahead Of Inflation? 3 To Watch Right Now

PennyStocks 14 Jun 2021
And ahead of the Federal Reserve’s meeting this week, investors are searching for the best penny stocks to buy for inflation ... On the other hand, many investors are looking at tech ... Because of this, many investors are bullish on the future of the tech industry, and specifically with crypto mining companies like EBON stock.

El Salvador Plans on Harnessing Volcanic Energy to Mine Bitcoin

Interesting Engineering 14 Jun 2021
And half a mile from it, the mining facility ... It's certainly an enticing method of mining Bitcoin, and the country is gearing itself to attract crypto investors and entrepreuners to help with the upcoming project, as the president's Twitter post on the matter seems too good to pass up..

COVID-19 made deep-sea mining more tempting for some Pacific islands – this could be a problem

The Conversation 14 Jun 2021
Lacking the means to search for the metals themselves, these states have sponsored mining companies to take out licences with the International Seabed Authority (ISA), which is responsible for sustainably managing the seabed in international waters ... the first ever species endangered by potential deep sea mining.

Bitcoin, situation similar to that of the March 2020 crash ── What is the data ...

OBN 14 Jun 2021
Bitcoin traded around $ 39,000 at 10 o’clock on the 14th, up about 9% in the last 24 hours ... Similarly, at the end of 2018, the price was $ 3,000 ... Source. Bloomberg Intelligence, Mike McGlone ... Sometimes ... Blockchain data shows that large investors are buying Bitcoin against the restrictions on cryptocurrency mining and fears of desk loss in China.

Montana med school clash revives for-profit vs. nonprofit flap

Ravalli Republic 14 Jun 2021
They warn that the private investors who fund the medical schools are not being transparent about where tuition funds go ... Most of the other for-profit schools appear to be funded by various individual investors or private equity groups involved in multiple other ventures, such as real estate and mining.

Foreign mining firms warm-up to investing in PH

Manila Bulletin 13 Jun 2021
Several offshore mining companies from Switzerland, Australia, Japan, and other countries have expressed interest to invest in the Philippines following President Duterte’s lifting of the country’s nine year ban on new mining projects ... Duterte issued Executive Order (EO) 130 officially ending d the country’s nine-year ban on new mining projects.

Kevin O’Leary: BTC Will Be Bigger Than Stocks

LB News 12 Jun 2021
However, O’Leary claims that many miners are listening to these arguments and are now implementing greener ways of mining digital currencies ... He says that in the end, it is this governance that is likely to account for all future decisions regarding bitcoin and the crypto mining process that extracts new units from the blockchain..

Filecoin Price Sheds 2.44% at $69.08 – Where to Buy FIL

Inside Bitcoins 12 Jun 2021
Filecoin has been picking popularity in China after the recent cryptocurrency transactions and mining ban. A mining firm is still accepting money from retail investors who want to purchase computing power for the token. If mining FIL in China escapes the regulatory risk, the coin’s popularity and value may pick up again.